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Life Directions inspires achieving peers to want to motivate, mentor and lead their peers to take charge of their Life Direction!

  • Make education work to kindle the “sparks” I already have
  • Deepen my cultural “roots”
  • Exemplary adults coach and role model “Life is not about me but I am all about life …. For the next generation!”
  • Focus LIFE Retreat 2016
  • Life Directions Annual Golf Classic
  • Tribute Event 2016
  • Peer Motivation Winter Awards Ceremony Program
  • Summer Jobs Youth Participants
  • Hoop House Garden Volunteers

Life Directions Core Programs

Life Directions staff in partnership with peer leaders provide three interconnected programs that network the social capitol of adolescents and the adults who support them.

Life Directions Testimonials

AnalisaMy name is Analisa Alvarez. I am a senior at Western International High School. I was born and raised in Southwest Detroit and enjoy volunteering in my community. I am a Youth Council member of the Congress of Communities and I am excited to say that I have been elected to serve as Treasurer on their Executive Board this fall. I also am a Metro Youth Policy Fellow for the University of Michigan, a group of young people who want to increase dialogue, challenge discrimination, and create change in Metropolitan Detroit while working on public policy issues. I sit on LA VIDA’s Youth Board at the Community Health and Social Services Clinic. My primary concern is to be a Peer Advocate for teens on the issues of dating violence and sexual assault. This summer I received a job through Life Directions Grow Detroit’s Young Talent Program. Our committee is tasked with developing a business plan for the Western International High School gardens. Our slogan is “The Healthy Way or No Way!”  I love my city and hope to help create the Southwest Detroit that works for all teens and young adults.

Analisa Alvarez